Setting up 2FA on Facebook with the Google Authenticator app

In This Article We are Talking about Setting up 2FA on Facebook with the Google Authenticatior app. What is Google Authentication app? Hw to use Google Authentication app? Google Validation is significant in light of the fact that it empowers associations to keep their systems secure by allowing just verified clients (or procedures) to get to its ensured assets.

Which may incorporate PC frameworks, systems, databases, sites and other system based applications or administrations. If you want to on 2fs on your accounts to should use google Authenticator app.Setting up 2FA on Facebook with the Google Authenticator app

How do I use Google Authenticator app?

1:On your Android telephone or tablet, open your gadget’s Settings application Google. …

2:At the top, tap Security.

3:Under “Marking in to Google,” tap 2-Advance Confirmation. …

4:Under “Set up elective second step,” discover “Authenticator application” and tap Set up.

5:Follow the means on the screen.

What does Google Authenticator app do?

Google Authenticator is a portable security application dependent on two-factor validation (2FA) that assists with confirming client personalities before giving them access to sites and administrations. Setting up 2FA on Facebook with the Google Authenticator app.

How do I get my Google Authenticator key on my new phone?

In the “Authenticator application” area of the page, click “Change Telephone.” Pick the sort of telephone you are moving to and click “Next.” You should now observe the “Set up Authenticator” screen, total with scanner tag. Open Google Authenticator on the new telephone and follow the prompts to examine the standardized identification.

How to use google authenticator app

1: Login Your fb account in chrome browser. Go to Setting click on security and password option, Now its show you a option Use two-factor authentication like this. Click on it.

2:Use two-factor authentication will show you a code. We called it code Hey.

3: Copy this code and open your google Authenticatoion app paste this code and Facebook account name in your app.

4: After This App Will Show you a digital code.

5: Copy this Code and go Chrome browser. Facebook will show you a box, paste this code in the box.

5: Congo, Your Two-factor Authentication Now on. Setting up 2FA on Facebook with the Google Authenticator app.


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