Love Status Shayari in Hindi and English for WhatsApp and Facebook

Love is a powerful and beautiful feeling in this world and comes into your heart when you feel something special for anyone. This feeling is very different than other feelings, and sometimes you don’t know what’s going in your heart, and you see your crush in everything in front of you. Still, you don’t know how to express or tell your love feeling to your crush, but we have a perfect solution for you; we have the best Love Status photo to send your crush on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram story, or bio. People are shy in the matter of heart to tell his/her feeling to their crush, which is like a big deal for them to tell this feeling but nowadays status in Hindi and English.

True Love Status 2020

Love Status
Love Status

Love is a part of life for every human on the earth, and everyone wants to be loved by someone and do romance, but it’s hard to find the right person for you whom you love and have feelings for; we are not saying it’s easy to say your crush you love her/him, but it’s not hard though, you can send your crush Romantic Love Status messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend that we have shared here.

Love Status for Boys and Girls in Hindi

Hindi and English are both spoken and used in India. Everyone can understand Sad Status Hindi very easily and speak it very efficiently, so we decided to provide you top Love Shayari for your social media profiles. We added the best lines for both boys and girls to make them happy with our quotes.

Love Status for WhatsApp in English

WhatsApp is a very famous app globally. Everyone has it on their Android or iPhone devices; if you have your crush’s WhatsApp number, then it’s good for you, and you can easily show your feelings through WhatsApp Love Status in English for your brothers and sisters. Nowadays, everyone speaks English very fluently, and also it affects your crush that you are using Attitude Status on WhatsApp or Facebook, and your crush can be impressed with it.

Love Status for Facebook (FB) in Punjabi

Punjabi boys and girls are very open-minded in love; they don’t shy to express their feelings to their crush and say him/her straight forward and never think what would happen. Punjabi people share their cute Love Status images and wallpapers on Facebook to show their crush in their own way and impress their crush with unique, beautiful lines that hit his/her crush’s heart.

Sad Love Status for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Girls and boys become sad when they get hurt by the person they love, and they can’t find any best lines or quotes to show their pain and sadness. It hurts more when you keep your feelings and pain in the heart, and your heart becomes heavy with this, but you don’t need to get worried; we have perfect solutions for you; we have top latest Said Love Status for you that you can use anywhere you want.

Loveable Status in Tamil and Marathi 2019

Tamil and Marathi people are very romantic, and they fall in love with anyone at just one sight. Still, they don’t know how to impress their gf romantically, but we have an idea for them; we found a very popular short Love Status in Tamil and Marathi, and it’s a gift from us to all Marathi and Tamil lovers.

Romantic in Love Status Shayari

Some people like Status, and some like Shayari (poetry); poetry lovers express their feelings or talk in a poetic way that everyone can’t understand who doesn’t know the meaning of any poetry lines, so we have the best gift for them, we have top-notch Romantic Shayari for them that you can copy and download below. Romantic lines tell your crush about your feelings for her, and she will automatically say yes to your love.

New Loveable Status in Nepali and Gujarati

Gujarati and Nepali people are very emotional about love and telling their feelings to their loved ones, their feelings are powerful, but they don’t know how to show it to their crush. Still, you have a good solution here; we have collected some romantic one lines to use in the chat with your crush from a song.

Download Status Song Video for Sharechat

Sharechat is a viral Indian social media platform where people upload videos and pics, and they get millions of likes and shares. Most people can’t find any Love Status pics or videos on the internet to download and post on sharechat, but you can download videos from below that we have made for you.


Q1: What is Love Status?

ANS: It could be in 2 lines or any quote on any image that you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram and show your feelings to the world.

Q2: What Should I write in my WhatsApp Status?

ANS: You can write anything you like on your WhatsApp Status, but we have some good lines for you that you can use.

Q3: What is the best caption for Love?

ANS: We have given some best Love captions here:

  • My heart understands you.
  • Like rain, I will always fall for you.
  • If I know what love is, it is because of you.
  • When I’m with you, time stands still.
  • You are my favorite notification.
  • I’m always in the mood for you.

Q4: How do you express love?

ANS: Here are some ways to express love:

  • Offer the gift of listening.
  • Say please, and thanks.
  • Get out for dinner.
  • Appreciate them.
  • Tell them you love them.
  • Show Affection.
  • Care them

Q5: What is Love in single line?

ANS: Love is a wonderful and strong feeling that everyone feels the first time, and then it stays in their heart forever for someone special.


We have covered the maximum of what we could. If you think anything is missing here, you want to be updated on here, like Status in Sinhala, Kannada, Telugu, Bangla, or Malayalam, you can comment below; we will update them as soon as we can.

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