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Is it true that you are a fan of the changed application? Particularly you need any mod of Whatsapp? We are here with Fouad GBWhatsApp APK. This is one of the most astounding mods of Whatsapp, which has astonishing highlights.

These days it is difficult to envision existence without Whatsapp like applications. They are stating it as the ruler of texting administration which has conceivably expelled SMS from the core of the individuals. SMS as well as individuals presently normally like Whatsapp more than calling. Since the arrival of Whatsapp, it has been regularly changing and settling as per individuals’ needs. Long back prior, Whatsapp doesn’t have the video calling or the voice calling highlight yet now Whatsapp is furnished with further developed highlights. In any case, there is a great deal that can be unified with Whatsapp to make it all the more fascinating however then it would damage the security strategy of Whatsapp and that is the reason different sorts of mods are getting discharged. One of the Moded adaptations of Whatsapp which individuals like the most are the Fouad GBWhatsApp. The Fouad GB Whatsapp has been created by Fouad Mokdad who has likewise made three distinctive mod variants of Whatsapp and which are profoundly well known.

Fouad GBWhatsApp Features:

The first form of Whatsapp isn’t sufficient as it needs numerous highlights that can be discovered distinctly in the moded adaptations of the Whatsapp. Give us a chance to investigate the highlights of the Fouad GB adaptation of Whatsapp.

The Fouad GB Whatsapp contains a wide range of subjects that are downloadable and in this way you can without much of a stretch redo the interface of the Whatsapp application. There are different subjects to browse, which will assist you with customizing the interface of the application as you like.

 Includes all sorts of downloadable themes

The Fouad GB Whatsapp contains a wide range of topics that are downloadable and accordingly you can without much of a stretch alter the interface of the Whatsapp application. There are different subjects to look over, which will assist you with customizing the interface of the application as you like.

Status length changed to 250 characters

In the Fouad rendition of GB Whatsapp,

the length of the status is inspired to 250 characters which are very more noteworthy than the ordinary length of status utilized in the first form of Whatsapp. The status length in the first form of Whatsapp is 139 characters.

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Choose from different packs of emojis

In the first form of Whatsapp you just get a solitary arrangement of emoticons and yet with the Fouad GB Whatsapp, you can get different emoticons packs so you can utilize them at your own solace. You can utilize them when the customary emoticons that are remembered for the first form of Whatsapp get exhausting.

Create two Whatsapp accounts on the same device

By and large, you can utilize one Whatsapp account with a telephone number on a gadget. However, with the outsider applications accessible you can make two unmistakable Whatsapp accounts that will work regularly. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t distressing to download an outsider application incorporating with an ordinary adaptation of Whatsapp and thus the Fouad GB Whatsapp is incredible for two Whatsapp accounts simultaneously?

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Hide notification from users individually

With the Fouad GB Whatsapp, you can conceal the warning you get from clients. This is useful when you are in a gathering or doing significant work on your gadget and Whatsapp notices continue upsetting you. You can conceal notices from singular clients by keeping gadget web turned on even.

File transfers up to 50 MB

For the most part, the document move limit in the first form of Whatsapp is only 16 MB though in the Fouad GB rendition of Whatsapp you can send any sort of records with a size farthest point of up to 50 MB.

Send videos of up to 1 GB

As far as possible in Whatsapp unique rendition is a similar that of a record move and consequently, you can send a video of size 16 MB. Be that as it may, you can send recordings of up to 1 GB of size with the assistance of Fouad GB Whatsapp.

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Protect individual chats with passwords

Securing visits with passwords isn’t the thing of the first Whatsapp application yet with the assistance of outsider applications, you can ensure talks. Yet, with Fouad GB Whatsapp you can really secret phrase ensure singular talks in Whatsapp so you don’t need to open Whatsapp each time you sign in rather just you need to open that visit you have secured with a secret phrase.

Hide connection status from contacts

The association status is a significant element that sees whether a client is on the web or when was the client on the web. Be that as it may, there’s a trick on the off chance that you shroud your association status in the first form of Whatsapp it gets applied for every one of the clients in your contact list and furthermore you don’t get the chance to see association status from your contacts. Be that as it may, in Fouad GB Whatsapp, you can do every one of them on the double.

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Simplify privacy settings with a widget

The Fouad variant of Whatsapp presents you with a gadget that you can use to change security settings consequently making it less difficult to utilize the protection settings of Whatsapp.

Added sticker functionality

whatsapp stickers

As you realize that the as of late propelled form of unique Whatsapp has the sticker usefulness in it thus does the most recent variant of Fouad GB Whatsapp will likewise have the sticker usefulness in it.



In this app, you can customize your Fouad GBWhatsApp. Some other modified app also has this feature.

  • You can change the color of the app
  • You can set the background image from your gallery
  • Status Bar Color
  • Navigation Bar Color
  • Dark UI

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